A bug a Day Helps Your Occupation To Test And Play Around with Application !!

Every Monday to Friday working  is just a thing we do , Shouting  and Playing around the bugs  to break the application in any

software tester
software tester

way is the primary task of a software Tester . Tester does not mean the Physical  testing . I am ‘tester in a life’ , and a Principal ‘Testing Engineer’ second .  It’s  Saturday not a working day  no meeting , no bug and just in comfort Zone .

When we  Compare our self from starting  of the day to the end of the day , we checked out  the things with different  vision , Scrutiny   and enjoyed talking about  the Testing . bugging out from year  with different roles  make you capable to enjoy the Software testing to make the Product best .

Testers that want to do, care about each other. You can inspire others by being there just as much as the speakers inspire you. You may not realise know how much you can contribute, but  speaking to one person will provoke thought and a new idea that they can apply to their own life and their own goals.

In my personal opinion software tester job is always thankless but As long as you are a motivated tester ,  I guarantee  you feel good when all things right at end .


Developers are not good testers. What you say?

Dev Vs Tester
There are not so much different but they have different path for the same goal to improve Quality

This can be a big debate. Developers testing their own code – what will be the testing output? All happy endings! Yes, the person who develops the code generally sees onlyhappy paths of the product and don’t want to go in much details..

The main concern of developer testing is – misunderstanding of requirements. If requirements are misunderstood by developer then no matter at what depth developer test the application, he will never find the error. The first place where the bug gets introduced will remain till end, as developer will see it as functionality

Optimistic developers – Yes, I wrote the code and I am confident it’s working properly. No need to test this path, no need to test that path, as I know it’s working properly. And right here developers skip the bugs

Developer vs Tester: Developer always wants to see his code working properly. So he will test it to check if it’s working correctly. But you know why tester will test the application? To make it fail in any way, and tester surely will test how application is not working correctly. This is the main difference in developer testing and tester testing.

Should developers test their own work?

  personally don’t mind developers testing their own code. After all it’s their baby .They know their code very well. They know what are the traps in their codes? Where it can fail, where to concentrate more, which is important path of the application. Developer can do unit testing very well and can effectively identify boundary cases.

This is all applicable to a developer who is a good tester! But most of the developers consider testing as painful job, even they know the system well, due to their negligence they tend to skip many testing paths, as it’s a very painful experience for them. If developers find any errors in their code in unit testing then it’s comparatively easier to fix, as the code is fresh to them, rather than getting the bug from testers after two-three days. But this only possible if the developer is interested in doing that much testing.

It’s testers responsibility to make sure each and every path is tested or not. Testers should ideally give importance to all small possible details to verify application is not breaking anywhere.

Developers please don’t review your own code. Generally you will overlook the issues in your code. So give it to others for review.

Everyone is having specialization in particular subject. Developers generally think how to develop the application on the other hand testers think how the end user is going to use the application.


So in short there is no problem if developers are doing the basic unit testing and basic verification testing. Developers can test few exceptional conditions they know are critical and should not be missed. But there are some great testers out there. Through the build to test team. Don’t waste your time as well. For success of any project there should be independent testing team validating your applications. After all it’s our (testers) responsibility to make the ‘baby’ smarter!!