A bug a Day Helps Your Occupation To Test And Play Around with Application !!

Every Monday to Friday working  is just a thing we do , Shouting  and Playing around the bugs  to break the application in any

software tester
software tester

way is the primary task of a software Tester . Tester does not mean the Physical  testing . I am ‘tester in a life’ , and a Principal ‘Testing Engineer’ second .  It’s  Saturday not a working day  no meeting , no bug and just in comfort Zone .

When we  Compare our self from starting  of the day to the end of the day , we checked out  the things with different  vision , Scrutiny   and enjoyed talking about  the Testing . bugging out from year  with different roles  make you capable to enjoy the Software testing to make the Product best .

Testers that want to do, care about each other. You can inspire others by being there just as much as the speakers inspire you. You may not realise know how much you can contribute, but  speaking to one person will provoke thought and a new idea that they can apply to their own life and their own goals.

In my personal opinion software tester job is always thankless but As long as you are a motivated tester ,  I guarantee  you feel good when all things right at end .


What is Software Testing ?

Software Testing
Software Testing means bug free Product

Software Testing means a quality Product comes out that is Bug free and meets all its business need or is a Process of Evaluating that Software is running on the Quality Parameter of End User. For the quality product it goes through many evaluation process that comes under the Software testing.

For the Quality Product it is necessary  that it Meets the Guidelines at every level of software development Life Cycle and in this Phase Software Testing is essential  piece of Job.

  1.  I think that at initial phase of requirement analysis (Which we discuss in next topics) where Business requirement & there needs must be meet to the technical and design to build the right system .
  2.  IT Meet all the guidelines of Validation and Verification of business needs so at the end a quality Product should comes out.
  3.  At Every Phase of developing a software product the main concern and high Priority task of team management is a quality product.
  4. For a Quality Product Software Testing team is highly responsible as compare to other teams.

The Main formulation of software testing is to approached the desired result of outcomes from the software Product. Testing  a software is a result Oriented for the quality Product .

Software Testing Quality Policy 

  • Pass Customer’s, Stakeholder , Business  Requirements .
  • Communicate effectively
  • Inspire individual growth, employee and employer satisfaction, innovation and business success.
  • Continually Improvement as per the business needs
  • Be ethical, virtuously accountable and follow with all legal requirements.

The agenda comes out at its final conclusion from software testing that Product that coming is bug free , meets all the business requirement of stakeholder and end user.